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Research and Setup
• Conduct Comprehensive Website Audit
• Conduct Keyword Research Analysis
• Organic Visibility Initial Report
• Keywords Ranking Initial Report
• Google Analytics and Search Console Setup
• Create Keyword-URL Mapping And Siloing Structure
• Create Content Plan With Internal Linking Structure
On-site Optimization
• Fix Technical Website Issues
• Remove Dead Weight Pages
• Make SEO-Friendly URLs
• Implement Proper Redirection
• Optimize Page Titles And Meta Descriptions
• Add Header Tags
• Optimize Images
• Optimize Page Contents
• Use Structured Data Markup
• Sprinkle Authority External links
• Implement Authority Sculpting
• Create XML Sitemap
• Boost Website Speed
• Make Social Sharing Easier
• Robots.txt optimization
• Google Business Profile optimization (if needed)
• Information architecture audit
• Canonicalization analysis
• Initial external link analysis and disalow
• Link redirect audit
• Internal linking restructuring & optimization
• Duplicate content analysis
• Custom 404 error page setup and optimization
• Schema Implementation (JSON-LD)
    Off-site Optimization (Monthly)
    • High Quality Backlinks
    • Reverse Engineering Competitors' Quality Backlinks
    • Guest Posting On High Authority Sites
    • High Quality Citation Submissions
    • High Authority Niche Business Directory Submissions
    • Profile Links On High Authority Sites
    Tracking and Reporting
    • Organic Visibility Report
    • Keywords Ranking Report
    • Website Health Status Report
    4 000 $
    - Services of copywriters
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    We are a team of professionals with 11 years of experience: fast, flexible and progressive. In our case, it is very important to stay ahead, so we are constantly studying the rapidly growing field.
    We have a personal approach. We do not chase after the number of projects or big names. Therefore, working with us, you can count on a personal approach and a deep understanding of your problem.
    We help to significantly scale the activities of our clients. Each case shows the dynamics and development.
    Promote to a new level of business development
    Each project is the responsibility of a personal manager, and you will never have communication problems.
    Personal manager
    The greatest value of our company is the team. It is always easier to trust those who sincerely love their work. And this is about us.
    Thanks to coordinated work, professional approach and full dedication, we remain reliable partners for our customers for many years.
    We work with business owners: open, confident, ready to constantly develop. And we fully share their values. It doesn't matter what your business is. We immerse ourselves in each project and work to ensure that it brings a stable profit.
    We regularly acquire new knowledge, apply modern methods of promotion, all innovations are thoroughly tested on individual projects.
    Experts in their field
    Individual optimization strategy
    Only an individual approach, taking into account the specifics of your business.
    Our values
    Our customers
    Growing organic traffic
    Keywords in the TOP 10 Google
    Keywords in the TOP 3 Google
    Game Shop
    The project came to us with good positions, so leadership was quite a challenge. The customized approach to the project helped us to understand the fundamental mistakes of optimization, increase sales and gain a leading position in the market for the online store.
    Keywords in the TOP 10 Google
    Growing organic traffic
    The client had a negative experience in SEO. There were also many technical errors that negatively affect the interaction of users and the search engine with the site. Thanks to the work done, the site took the top positions in the Google search engine.
    Growing organic traffic
    Keywords in the TOP 10 Google
    Keywords in the TOP 3 Google
    On the project, we needed not only to apply some standard initial solutions, but to conduct a detailed in-depth analysis of all pages of the site, track the dynamics and, as a result, prepare a set of actions that will lead to a positive increase in positions and attendance.
    Growing organic traffic
    Keywords in the TOP 10 Google
    Keywords in the TOP 3 Google
    The project came to us with zero indicators.
    Optimization had not been carried out before and it was necessary to start from scratch, so a full range of promotion work was carried out, all critical errors were fixed, which allowed us to achieve very good position growth dynamics and led to an increase in traffic.
    Growing organic traffic
    Keywords in the TOP 10 Google
    Keywords in the TOP 3 Google
    We hired a virtually newly created project with minimal results and incorrectly working filters. With the help of an individual approach, we have brought the online store to a leading position in its market.
    Growing organic traffic
    Keywords in the TOP 10 Google
    Keywords in the TOP 3 Google
    Casada Healthcare
    Due to the peculiarities of the site structure, a large percentage of the target audience was lost, so the main emphasis was placed on internal optimization and correction of critical errors. As a result, has taken a leading position in its market, and the next goal is complete dominance in the TOP 3.
    Keywords in the TOP 10 Google
    Keywords in the TOP 3 Google
    Growing organic traffic
    The customized approach to the project has more than tripled the traffic on the project, increased sales of services and secured a leading position in its segment. Opportunities for the growth of relevant commercial traffic and positions are far from exhausted.
    Growing organic traffic
    Keywords in the TOP 10 Google
    Keywords in the TOP 3 Google
    The main result that pleasantly impressed the client was the growth of site visitors and sales. It was achieved due to the fact that we chose the right promotion strategy and implemented it competently. Over a period of 3 months, the project soared to the top.
    Growing organic traffic
    Keywords in the TOP 10 Google
    Keywords in the TOP 3 Google
    There were problems with internal optimization, a lot of errors on the site and poor external optimization. Also, the main traffic came from low-conversion queries. Due to the peculiarities of the chosen strategy, the potential of the site was realized by 5%.
    Growing organic traffic
    Keywords in the TOP 10 Google
    Keywords in the TOP 3 Google
    Despite the fact that optimization work was carried out with the project, many errors and possible refinements were lost. To achieve the obtained results, fundamental work was carried out with the structure, technical characteristics, construction of competent links and strategy for increasing the reference mass.
    Growing organic traffic
    Keywords in the TOP 10 Google
    Keywords in the TOP 3 Google
    Enormous work has been done to refine the site, starting with the correction of basic errors and ending with complex individual technical tasks, which led to a significant increase in both positions and organic traffic.
    Keywords in the TOP 10 Google
    Keywords in the TOP 3 Google
    Growing organic traffic
    The project initially had a good position and it was necessary to implement various changes with caution. Also, the filters were closed from indexing and therefore the potential of the site was realized by 25%. Thanks to the implementation, the site began to grow very quickly, the number of queries in the top Google has increased significantly, which has led to an increase in organic traffic.
    Growing organic traffic
    Keywords in the TOP 30 Google
    Keywords in the TOP 10 Google
    Comprehensive work has allowed us to occupy the TOP positions in search results, attract many unique visitors from the organic issue, increase sales and ensure consistently high growth dynamics of all indicators.
    Growing organic traffic
    Keywords in the TOP 10 Google
    Keywords in the TOP 3 Google
    Prior to cooperating with our company, the client did not promote the site and did not have orders for organics. The main SEO strategy was based on bringing the internal optimization of the site to the requirements of Google search engine and focused on promoting high-frequency and medium-frequency queries.
    Growing organic traffic
    Keywords in the TOP 10 Google
    Keywords in the TOP 3 Google
    We decided to expand the structure with filter pages, which allowed us to receive traffic on both high-frequency and low-frequency queries. By optimizing these pages and filling them with unique content, we have raised the entry of key queries at the domain level.
    Keywords in the TOP 3 Google
    Evgeniu Yurchenko
    Local expert · 19 reviews
    Positive: Quality, Attitude towards customers, Professionalism, Price / quality
    We have been cooperating with Lokomotiv for almost a year on two projects. The guys are always in touch and ready to answer questions. Optimization work is performed comprehensively and professionally. Separately, I would like to mention Anastasia, who works on two of our sites and gives a clear understanding of what work and why we do. The transparency and professionalism of the company are pleasing. And of course the results too) We are waiting for even greater growth! And we recommend cooperation =)
    Eugene Steshenk0
    2 rewiews
    Positives: Professionalism
    Good progressive campaign. We have been working for over 5 months now. Always in touch! The most flexible in relation to the client. All processes are always under control. Recommended!
    Vladimir Lifanov
    Local expert · 33 reviews
    Positives: Professionalism
    We met the Loсomotivе team 5 months ago, on the key issues of the site. It seems that it exists and is made wisely, but for key queries far below. The guys proposed a strategy for bringing the site to the top, but on a long thorny path. Previously, I worked with single SEO specialists and the result was not visible. Here, after 5 months, I can unequivocally say Yes, it exists and we are slowly moving to the top, but already comprehensively for all requests for product cards. Thank you guys for the individual approach, very competent work of the team of specialists! Keep it up!
    Digital of Veliki ua
    1 rewiew
    Positives: Professionalism
    We collaborated with Locomotive on two projects (seasonal business, timing is important). By the beginning of the season, they helped us with keywords, worked competently on queries and optimization. A professional, integrated approach and competent managers left only a pleasant impression of cooperation.
    Local expert · 27 reviews
    Positives: Professionalism
    For a long time I thought about ordering an expensive promotion from similar companies and didn't dare. After the first quarantine, I realized that without a normal site in the top 10, it would be very difficult. Therefore, I collected money and decided. I contacted this company on a recommendation, for the first two months the result was not visible, I even thought about terminating the contract, why pay three times more to the company if before that I paid less than one person and he also did almost nothing, but after consulting with friends who understand SEO promotion, they monitored and convinced me. Three months after the cooperation, I began to see the result, the flow of customers from the site increased many times over. Every month the result grows, now the 5th month of cooperation and I do not have time to process all the calls and I want to take on another manager.
    Andrii Kravchenko
    4 rewiews
    Positive: Quality, Setting up to clients, Professionalism, Price / quality
    For me, the most important attribute of successful cooperation is communication between the client and the contractor, consistency and motivation for results. At the moment and throughout the year of cooperation, these attributes are 100% present. I see the growth of the site in my key positions, all my wishes are taken into account. Naturally, I sometimes have questions about the growth of positions and the influence of external factors on them, but they are always promptly resolved and a competent answer is given, no matter what the question was. I am grateful to the team, and in particular to Ilya. I look forward to many years of cooperation on all our projects!
    3 rewiews
    Positive: Quality, Setting up to clients, Professionalism, Price / quality
    We have been working on SEO promotion for about 2 months, during this time the traffic has already grown by 40%, although our product is not in season. All positions move to the top. I was very pleased with the internal work on the site. Good communication with the SEO specialist, namely with Maxim. During these 2 months, this studio has done more than others in half a year. By the way, 3 studios and 1 freelancer changed before them because of poor results, so we have experience :) I hope we will continue to grow in terms of results.